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If you’re a freelance or Web content writer, we highly recommend joining where you can submit original or non-exclusive articles on consignment or write articles on speculation for customers who have created calls for content (known as “public requests” on the site). The Constant-Content model is relatively unique as far as online freelance writing sites go. Instead of bidding for jobs or settling for revenue share, you write articles, place them for sale at your own price (Constant-Content takes a percentage, so price accordingly), and let Constant-Content find customers for your content. isn’t a good fit for all writers, but for those who understand how it works and can meet the strict editorial guidelines, it is an excellent place to sell articles.

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Celeste Stewart is one of the more successful writers on the site, currently holding the #2 top-selling author position in the “Freelancer’s Hall of Fame” with over 2500 projects sold. Her eBook, Celeste Stewart’s Secrets to Success on, is a fantastic value at just $9.95. Consider this small investment if you are serious about giving a try. In 39-pages loaded with Constant-Content-approved screenshots, Celeste takes you on a tour of the site while also sharing:

• Web content pricing tips
• Keyword tips
• Research tips
• Which articles are hot on Constant-Content
• Success planning
• And much more!

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